One of the traditions of the church is to have a special time of jokes and pranks during the season of Easter. From some perspectives, the greatest "prank" ever pulled was Jesus' resurrection. Things just didn't turn out the way that they seemed. We don't engage in very many pranks on Holy Humor Sunday, but we do celebrate the power of laughter and the joy of being together. We might even throw in a Christmas carol for good measure!

In addition to the liturgy, our worship bulletin contains announcements, mission moments, prayer concerns, a calendar of events and much more.

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This year's observance of Maundy Thursday featured a choral chatter by Mary Nelson Keithahn and John D. Horman. "If They Could Speak: A Journey through Holy Week" was conceived during a pilgrimage to the Holy Land by Mary and John in 1996. It was performed in our church in 2007 and once again this year. The text with four readers provides commentary on the music and the objects of the story. 

Our liturgy featured the sharing of Holy Communion. 

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FEBRUARY 15, 2015

Transfiguration Sunday is always a special celebration in our life together as the season of Epiphany draws to a close and we prepare for Ash Wednesday and Lent. This week's worship focuses on Mark's version of the transfiguration. Worship bulletins also contain prayer concerns, announcements, a calendar of events, mission moments and much more.

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